Who are we?

Corporate and Commercial Business Solutions Group (CCBSG) has its roots in providing innovative funding solutions for SME businesses in an ever changing funding landscape.

Traditional sources and forms of funding do not always provide the desired level of facilities needed by growing businesses, so they need to cast their net a little wider, but often are unsure as to where to look. Fortunately, there is 'credit appetite' from lenders who are keen to assist.

Having launched CCBSG in 2014 it became apparent that SME's were not only looking for help with their funding solutions, but were also keen to have wider support and so we have extended our offering across three areas, Funding, Advisory and Investment.

This gives us the opportunity to help businesses, not only with their funding, but with additional business consultancy services. Our move to www.ccbsg.co.uk allows us to showcase our wider Group offering. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us to find out more

Peter Cromarty | Director
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  • Line Size - £2,000,000

    Facility - Invoice Discounting.

    Sector - Oil & Gas

    Purpose - Acquisition.

    Funding, including an additional cash flow lend enabled the acquisition. Using a creative funding structure the client was able to accelerate the acquisition of this targeted business.

  • Line Size - £700,000

    Facility - Invoice Finance.

    Sector - Recruitment.

    Purpose - Refinance.

    Refinance of an existing invoice finance facility to give the client additional funding and a more suitable facility to match the business needs

  • Line Size - £350,000

    Facility - Short Term Secured Funding.

    Sector - Personal.

    Purpose - Flexible finance facility.

    To hit a very short timescale, by providing funding with a commercial security structure.

  • Line Size - £750,000

    Facility - Short Term Secured Lending.

    Sector - Property Development

    Purpose - Development Finance

    To provide funding to complete a development project and allow 12 months for the refinance of the whole portfolio, allowing the client to get the best possible deal available

  • Line Size - £325,000

    Facility - Invoice Finance and Term Loan.

    Sector - Care.

    Purpose - Refinance and growth.

    Refinance of an ill fitting invoice finance facility and additional term loan to create headroom for a rapid growth profile

  • Line Size - £100,000

    Facility - Short Term Secured Lending

    Sector - Not Disclosed.

    Purpose - Working Capital

    An additional working capital facility to compliment existing facilities providing additional headroom.

  • Line Size - £4,500,000

    Facility - Invoice Finance.

    Sector - Recruitment

    Purpose - Refinance

    Refinance of a restrictive facility to a greater 'fit for purpose' one which allows the business to achieve its growth potential.

  • Line Size - £350,000

    Facility - Invoice Finance.

    Sector - Waste and Recycling.

    Purpose - Refinance

    Working capital facility to assist with some short term cash requirements

  • Line Size - £100,000

    Facility - Practice Finance.

    Sector - Professional.

    Purpose - Share Buyback

    To assist with the exit of an existing partner.

  • Line Size - £100,000

    Facility - Construction Finance.

    Sector - Construction.

    Purpose - Share buyback

    Facility to facilitate the early repayment of deferred consideration from a previous acquisition

  • Line Size - £3,000,000

    Facility - Agricultural Finance.

    Sector - Agriculture.

    Purpose - Acquisition

    Provide the funding to complete the acquisition of a livestock farm.

  • Line Size - £110,000

    Facility - Sale and HPback

    Sector - Oil and Gas.

    Purpose - Asset purchase

    To fund the purchase of a used ROV inspection asset,

  • Line Size - £150,000

    Facility - Invoice Finance.

    Sector - Manufacturing.

    Purpose - Restructure

    Restructure of the business to preserve 20 jobs. A new fit for purpose working capital facility will take the business forward.

  • Line Size - £350,000

    Facility - Short Term Secured Funding.

    Sector - Property.

    Purpose - Refinance.

    Facility required to complete the refinance of a commercial property development. Enquiry to completion in 7 working days

  • Line Size - £1,500,000

    Facility - ABL Facility.

    Sector - Engineering.

    Purpose - MBO.

    Facility required to assist with the MBO of an existing NE based engineering company. The challenges involved in the deal were overcome by ensuring the correct funder was selected to provide a bespoke solution to the requirement

  • Line Size - £700,000

    Facility - Short Term Funding.

    Sector - Recruitment.

    Purpose - Refinance

    When a mainstream bank took 12 months to transact a commercial mortgage, the client lost patience and refinanced within a week to allow them to consider more options.

  • Line Size - £6,000,000

    Facility - Invoice Finance.

    Sector - Recruitment

    Purpose - Refinance

    Refinance of a restrictive bank ID facility giving an additional 33% facility allowing the business to achieve its growth aspirations

  • Line Size - £500,000

    Facility - Asset Finance.

    Sector - Wholesale

    Purpose - Asset Purchase.

    Funding for a new cold store at newly acquired premises.

  • Line Size - £214,000

    Facility - Asset Finance/Refinance.

    Sector - Engineering

    Purpose - Asset Purchase/Refinance

    Refinance of existing machinery and finance for new machine to allow for business growth .

Blog updates

November 2017

The end of another financial year for the CCBS Group and what a year it's been

It's been 3 years since we launched the business and we seem to have filled a gap in the market looking at how the business has evolved

Initially a commercial finance brokerage, the business has developed into much more, providing consultancy and non exec advice to SME businesses and other business services such as receivables management and outsourced credit control

We are now facilitating all types of funding for our clients, from banking and working capital, to asset finance, to property, operating in sectors from retail to renewables

We have also developed close relationships with a small number of consultancy clients providing support to SME businesses with turnover ranging from £2M to £35M

CC Recovery Solutions was launched in mid year with seasoned industry expert Andrea Cummings joining the Group. CCRS provides recievables management and outsourced credit control services to businesses so they maximise their potential by ensuring the right processes and procedures are implemented. This ultimately improves their cashflow and drives efficiencies into their business. It also provides commercial debt recovery services for Insolvency Practitioners, assisting a greater realisation for the creditors of a business in insolvency

2018 looks very exciting with further expansion and an increased business services offering planned.

Enjoy the run up to the end of the year, and if you would like to know more about the business or any of the above please don't hesitate to give me a call

Peter Cromarty | Director